Write A Letter

Writing letters to political prisoners is a great way to let them know that they’re not alone, it is a concrete way to support those imprisoned for their political struggles.

By sending letters about our daily lives, or sending postcards from your country with images, we can light up the day of the political prisoners who are isolated between 4 walls.

Currently many Grup Yorum members and choir members are in jail for creating music for the people, the fascism of the AKP want’s to destroy the idea of revolutionary musicians. It does not want music to be made which criticises and speaks of the injustices in the country.

Together, by sending letters/postcards/etc from all around the world we can show solidarity with Grup Yorum and let them know they’re not alone.

Below we share the address of the prison where all the members are located, you’ll need to address your post to one of the specific people below:

Silivri 1 No’lu Kapalı Hapishane, Silivri, İstanbul Turkey

-Seher Adıgüzel

-Betül Varan

-Barış Yüksel

-Eren Erdem

-Sercan Toptancı

-Meral Hır

-Yağmur Senem Demirel

-Yaşar Coşkun Karadağ

-Yalçın Doğru

-Emrah Uludağ

-Cenk Turan