Helin Bolek’s Defense

On the one year anniversary of Grup Yorum member Helin Bolek falling martyr, we share with you her defense in court. Art is the product of a human. It arises from human interactions. It tells social life and events in an aesthetic language. This language sometimes becomes painting, sculpture, sometimes theatre, these are just formal … Continue reading Helin Bolek’s Defense

Write A Letter

Writing letters to political prisoners is a great way to let them know that they're not alone, it is a concrete way to support those imprisoned for their political struggles. By sending letters about our daily lives, or sending postcards from your country with images, we can light up the day of the political prisoners … Continue reading Write A Letter

Concert Application Rejected: We will fight for our demands!

Our application for the Independent Turkey Concert to be held on Sunday, August 9th at Yenikapi Square has been rejected by the Governor's Office, by the reason of being "not appropriate".On behalf of Grup Yorum, we appealed against this ban to the local administrative court on Friday 13 June. After all the bans, we have … Continue reading Concert Application Rejected: We will fight for our demands!